Diana The Abduction Mystery Solved

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This book presents compelling evidence that the fate of Diana Princess of Wales was more terrifying than generally believed. What happened was a masterly designed plot to deceive all of us. The accident in the tunnel in 1997 still affects the hearts and the minds of the people. Why? Because the mystery was never resolved and the truth is an energy that is impossible to be settled if not unveiled and the lies were exposed.

After more than six years of research into the case of Princess Diana, using a number of investigative books, a totally new explanation is now offered.

Rania Alammar, a Saudi ex-journalist, shares her insights in the case from a completely new perspective. Her search for answers to many previously unanswered questions lead her to the conclusion that, contrary to the general belief that Diana died of her injuries, she was in fact, abducted.

Diana The Abduction discusses:

* Did Diana really die? Her medical condition was survivable.
* Was there a proper autopsy done on her corpse?
* Was it her corpse that was seen by several witnesses? And why were their testimonies inconsistent?
* Why did the Queen ignore the public and the media for six days after the arrival of the coffin in London?
* Why were there confused medical results and mixed samples after the body was autopsied in London for a second time?
* Also, what was the real role of Muhammad Al-Fayed in the whole story?

This book is the first of its kind in its way of displaying the facts which were investigated by several known writers and researchers.

Unearth these details to let the truth be known to yourself and for the sake of justice.



Published by: Rania Alammar

Rania Alammar is a Saudi ex-journalist, living in Berlin since she fled her country Saudi Arabia due to the unbearable governmental oppressiveness which inflicted her own way of life but more on her people who are against the methods of the ruling of Al Saud royal family. She never dreamed she would become an author. Not about Diana anyway but her life took her to that direction and she never resisted. During the first months of 2013, Rania took the decision to leave the country to work with the opposition groups to the Saudi regime. An extended trip across many countries in the Middle East and Europe started. But there was always something in her mind and heart that pointed to her to research Princess Diana's case what caused her to write this book. Rania Alammar has released a new book on the case of Diana Princess of Wales under the title "Diana The Abduction Mystery Solved". The book is considered to be a thorough study of different sources and several investigative books that revives another possibility of what happened to Diana Princess of Wales in 1997. It’s a new reading between the lines that opposes the published result. In the book, Alammar has not only denounced the British courts' judgement in 2008 which ruled that what happened was unlawful killing, but furthermore she disagreed with all the investigative writers who believed in the murder theory. Her search for answers to many previously unanswered questions lead her to the conclusion that, contrary to the general belief that Diana died of her injuries, she was in fact, abducted after the repatriation of her coffin to London on 31st August 1997. And as a result of this study, which took more than six years of the author's life, Alammar concluded that in fact the investigations’ masking different medical evidence was not in order to hide a pregnancy as rumored, but to omit the existence of what might have raised suspicion in the nature of the body itself. The author adds a very eerie point in her book where she wrote that what occurred actually reflects the presence of another woman’s corpse that was embalmed in France and then autopsied in London on August 31. This explanation to the famous case, which had an enormous impact on the modern history, claimed by the Saudi author is unprecedented and it might be the answer to why Princess Diana's case has always been an unsolved mystery.

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